Monday, June 29, 2009

The Clock Reads: "Thought Release"

Well here I am once again (I think that's the start too a pop song, oh well) when I should be writing a paper or doing my philosophy reading, instead I am glued to my (well Lance's) Computer trying to get out the vast immensity of thoughts I have flying around my head. For sanity's sake, if not yours, I'll try to keep this brief. Camp has been amazing (forgive me for not posting previously). Rec Staff is perfect, aside from the inability to touch the lives of campers directly. I have just enough time at night and with my day off to finish my homework, but now I'm trying to get ahead so that I can counsel for Junior High and for Teen Camp. I think it might be doable, but we shall see. Back to the topic at hand. I've been thinking a lot about the future, about where God wants me, about other such future things, and about my role at camp, and about this summer class. While I do think that taking this class will be useful, I struggle almost daily with the fact that it takes away from my ability to hang out with the staff and campers. I am a relational person posing as a thinker, and although I love thinking and reading, I crave human interaction and influence. Do I really need the schooling I am getting? Yes it is terribly interesting, but is it making me a better person enough to the extent that experience would not be the better and wiser teacher? I want to do something. I want to start a coffee shop and play guitar and spread the gospel. I want to travel the world and spread the gospel through human interaction. I want to write... I want to influence people. I want to be where God sees me in 5 years. I want to pray and see mountains move. Is what I am doing right now accomplishing that? Sigh. Enough for now. I am in need of accomplishing some homework (see? its pulling me away from my uber influential blog time !!!). Alas, I must not waste the time I have. Entaro Adun. That was the greeting/farewell in a video game I once played haha.

Grace and Peace,