Monday, August 10, 2009

Final Thoughts, Final Camp, Final Exam... oh Finals

I'm sitting in Caribou Coffee right now with Trevor, Morgan, Al, and Emily... oh camp how I will miss you. I will write in this more if I finish studying for my Philosophy final. Wish me luck.


Well the final is done. I got an 87, putting me at a A- for the class. I'll take that for taking the class over the summer. Now for some post class thoughts. Honestly its hard to release the feeling that I should be doing something else. Its hard to just sit and type and not be working on school work. I feel like I'm wasting my precious time that I should be spending somewhere else. I know that's not good, but its hard to avoid. This, however, is another thought for another time. Now we are reflecting on a summer moderately well spent, on thoughts of philosophy and theology, and thoughts of simply living. So that I don't go crazy, I will be brief... no, you know what. I'm going to the lake. done.

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